Disposable vs Washable Dog Diapers

Diapers can be precious throughout particular times of your pet’s life. Diapers for pet dogs are commonly bought to help the owner deal with the canine’s urinary incontinence. There are two kinds of dog diaper are available on the market.


You may want to learn about the differences and find out which dog diaper is much better for your puppy if you have a house training puppy. There are different types of dog diapers are available in the market. So, if you want to know about the best washable and disposable diapers then read the article best dog diapers.

Lots of perseverance is required when home training a brand-new pup, yet you should ensure you have the appropriate potty pad making the procedure easier on you and also your brand-new young puppy. Maximum dog owners agree that using a dog diaper to housebreak a new puppy is the best way to go. Moreover, it will keep your home neat and clean.

Disposable or Washable dog diapers?

Which one is best? – Well, both reusable and disposable diapers serve the same purpose. Both diapers are incredibly absorbing and also made of the high top quality product, as well as, so there is no pain for the pet dog also after going to the bathroom.

Dog Diapers

They are also as easy to take off as they are to put on, and so the disposal or washing of these diapers can be done very quickly. They come in the different shape of sizes to suit any dog. But, which one is suitable and better for your adult dog or puppy? Well, in this complicated situation we will help you.

So, you need to read on and find out, which one is the best choice for your fur buddy.

Disposable Dog Diaper


  • Comfortable fit
  • Quick, easy application
  • Just pick up and throw away.


  • Cannot Reuse.
  • Can easily be shred and chewed on.
  • Cannot be cleaned.
  • Cannot hold as much liquid as washable.
  • Not eco-friendly, end up in landfills.
  • It is not reusable so it will not save your budget.

Washable Dog Diaper


  • It is reusable, so it saves your cost.
  • Cannot be shared by puppies.
  • Does not move, making it simpler for the puppy.
  • Washable dog diapers are 100% machine washable
  • Most over 250 times Machine Washable.
  • Absorbed more liquid.
  • Eco- friendly because it helps the environment by reducing waste.
  • Reusable ones can last for a long time.


  • If not washed in a timely, it can get stinky.
  • A little bit costly.

Choosing a Right Fitting Doggie Diaper

Similar to human baby diapers, doggie diaper also comes in different sizes. So primarily, you need to weigh your dog. Next, take the waist measurement while the dog is standing.

For male pet dogs, you have to make certain to measure far enough forward to so that the front of the baby diaper will certainly cover the urethra, or else when he pees the baby diaper will certainly be worthless.

From the above discussion it seems like washable dog diapers are the best way to go because they are the Eco-Friendly, most cost effective as well as most puppy friendly.